Video Category: Machine Sewing Basics

Basic Sewing Machine Stitches

As a new sewist, learning the ins and outs of your sewing machine can seem intimidating at first, especially with allthe buttons related to stitching. Mary Beth Temple helps you master using basic machine stitches with this video tutorial. This video focuses on the three most common stitches you’ll use on your machine (the straight ... Watch Video

How to Machine Sew Seams

Give your seams a professional-looking and long-lasting finish by learning how to sew seams with your sewing machine. Mary Beth Temple discusses the three ways to sew seams in this beginner sewing video, so if you’re just starting to get comfortable with using a sewing machine, you’re in the right place. You’ll learn how to ... Watch Video

Sewing Machine Needles 101

If you’re a beginner sewist, you might not realize just how many different sewing needles exist, let alone which type to use. That’s why Mary Beth Temple is here to save the day! This beginner sewing video covers the four most common types of sewing machine needles (universal, stretch or jersey, embroidery, and leather) and ... Watch Video

Sewing Machine Basics Part 3

Knowing how to finish your seams so that they look neat and resist fraying is key for beginner sewists.Mary Beth Temple is here to show you the three most common seam finishes for straight seams, so that you can complete your next project with seams that are tidy and sturdy.This video briefly discusses the difference ... Watch Video

Sewing Machine Basics Part 2

The presser foot is an essential part of your sewing machine, but how much do you really know about the different types of presser feet? Mary Beth Temple is here to teach you the most common types of presser feet to make your sewing experience easier. You’ll discover the two most common types of presser ... Watch Video

Sewing Machine Basics Part 1

One of the most difficult aspects of sewing for beginners is learning the ins and outs of their sewing machine. Sewing machines vary based on brand and style but at their core, they all have the same basic components, which is why Mary Beth Temple is taking you back to sewing machine basics in this ... Watch Video

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