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Welcome to We Like Sewing, the premier resource for sewists and quilters of all skill levels to create your own stunning projects—with the patterns, tips, and tutorials you need to create everything from home décor and gifts to wearables that will be the envy of friends and family! From quilt and sewing patterns that cover the basics, to more in depth pieces, like sewn garments and full-size bed quilts, you’ll learn all the special techniques you need to create fabulous projects at home. Sew runway-worthy dress patterns, shirts, blouses, accessories, and more, plus practical patterns for household essentials like pillows, table runners, nursery décor and even bedspreads that double as beautiful quilted art! And We Like Sewing projects include not only inspiring patterns for you to print, but also step-by-step tutorials to guide you through any new skills you need to learn.

Here is a simple chart to explain the various levels of access to We Like Sewing content:

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And here’s a detailed summary of all the types of content we offer you:

We Like Sewing Weekly: Get weekly updates featuring previews of upcoming collections and tutorials to inspire your next project.

We Like Sewing Freebies: Get FREE quilting and sewing projects. These free projects come with patterns and complete directions and offer a hint of what is in store for Gold Members. Take a look and create beautiful new projects for yourself, your friends, and your family.

We Like Sewing Magazine: Get monthly digital magazine issues with exclusive new projects – that’s full-scale patterns, color images and detailed instructions in each issue! Plus, we cover sewing and quilting tips, tricks, trends, and techniques. Get a booster review of some of the basics, see what’s popular, and try your hand at a new skill. There’s always something new to learn! We have a whole library of sewing patterns and quilt patterns ready and waiting for you!

We Like Sewing Collections: Get premium curated collections that cover seasonal projects, special project categories, or that focus on mastering particular techniques. Find out more about tapping into the latest trends with new and essential skills. We Like Sewing Collections include fully downloadable and printable patterns with clear size indicators along with detailed directions for completing each project, a checklist to make sure you have all the fabric and findings you need before starting your projects, resources that guide you to other valuable information, and a glossary to explain acronyms and key terms.

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Dear Sewing and Quilting Enthusiast,

Quilting and sewing are two of the most time-honored skills in the world. Humans have created practical clothing and decorative accents for thousands of years! The basics are still the same, but now we have so many choices in fabric—color, weave, style, texture—the possibilities for what we can create are virtually limitless. And the tools available to us now would make our ancient ancestors green with envy. From time-saving rotary cutters to sewing machines, sewing and quilting is easier and more fun than ever. And we have tons of delightful projects for you to create for friends and family—just remember to make something for yourself!

Sewing and quilting are growing in popularity, and you don’t need a lot of equipment to get started. Grab a needle, thread, scissors, and fabric, and you’re ready to begin!

Even better, sewing and quilting creates community. It can make friends of strangers and bring families closer together. Sewing and quilting are multigenerational pursuits. From children to seniors, there are projects everyone can take on with confidence.

We Like Sewing is your premier resource for sewists of all skill levels, to build and refine your skills—with the advice and information you need to ensure that you can master the basics through advanced sewing and quilting techniques.

And We Like Sewing includes not only all the sewing and quilting tips and techniques you need to take on any project, but also in-depth videos that show you how to conquer the basics, so you can be ready to take on any sewing or quilting project that inspires you!

Sometimes, it’s hard to decide where to begin. What should your next project be? If you’re open to new experiences, then you’ll love our Collections—each one with a seasonal theme or particular focus.

We Like Sewing is all about helping you grow your skills and confidence in taking on new sewing and quilting projects—whether you’re a beginner, a growing learner, or a seasoned expert, we have something new for everyone! We’re here to support you, because we’re a community of fellow sewing enthusiasts—We Like Sewing is for sewists, and created by sewists!

My colleagues and I are dedicated to finding the best patterns for the We Like Sewing community. All of us are passionate about sewing and quilting and making successful projects for friends, family, and ourselves! We Like Sewing also relies on sewing and quilting experts to share their tips, advice, and expertise with you.

Ashley JonesEditor Ashley Jones has been passionate about clothing since childhood. In addition to her lifelong love of fashion, Ashley has her MA in English Literature from Western Illinois University. She spends her spare time collecting vintage clothing and accessories and researching fashion history and design.

Nicola PrybellAssistant Manager Nicola Prybell is our resident trend-spotter, crochet/knitting enthusiast, artistic crafter, and practical sewer. She is always on the lookout for new and exciting fashion trends to guide designers to knitting, crocheting and sewing perfection.

Caitlin EatonAnd I serve as Managing Editor. I was raised to believe if you can fix it, then don’t throw it away. My grandma Sharon was an avid sewist and taught me the importance of sewing on a button, hemming my own jeans, and always being open to learning something new. I credit her with instilling in me my deep love of all things sewing.

Even if you’re a seasoned sewist or quilter, you know there’s always going to be a new project—and with it may come a new technique for you to learn. Join us, and we can all learn and grow together—We Like Sewing is for sewists, by sewists!

Yours for successful sewing and quilting,
Caitlin Easton signature
Caitlin Eaton
Managing Editor, We Like Sewing

P.S. Thank you for reading my note and visiting We Like Sewingget FREE access right now to The Leather Owl Handbag project— my FREE gift to you for visiting our website right now!

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