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Staci Wendland

Staci Wendland has been a maker for as long as she can remember. Her first memory of sewing was on her grandmother's quilt when she was three years old. It's been a tumultuous relationship ever since, full of victories and losses. If there's a craft
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Melissa Bryan

Melissa is an embroidery digitizer from South Louisiana and owner of Melissa Bryan Designs. She designs unique and creative machine applique and embroidery designs. She is a sewer and lover of all things handmade. She enjoys teaching people how to
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Jo Carter

Jo Carter is the soft toy designer behind Two Owls Design.

With 20 years’ experience in soft toy design, she started out turning company logos and mascots into
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Jennifer Davey

Jennifer Davey is an educator, designer, writer, tailor, and sewing enthusiast. She has been a guest on Sew It All TV and published in Sew News, Sew it All, Belle Amore, Crafts n’ Things, and
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Jessica Swift

Jessica Swift is a full-time artist (surface pattern designer and painter), online teacher, and mama of two in Portland, Oregon. Her magically uplifting, colorful artwork is licensed widely for fabric, stationery, greeting cards, books, rugs, and so
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Alexandra Vena

Alexandra (Alex) Vena is one of the 2022 Summer Editorial Interns at Prime Publishing. She is a rising senior at the University of Michigan, majoring in Anthropology and Spanish and minoring in Creative Writing. She has a passion for language and
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Kimberly Payne

Kimberly Payne is a Vancouver Island based pattern designer, teacher, and maker at Straight Stitch Designs. Having learned to sew in high school, it wasn't until she
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Mallory Theiss

Mallory has been working in the fabric and craft industry for over fifteen years, specializing in customer service, marketing, and project management. She has worked alongside many industry leaders over the years and loves the opportunity to be
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Laura Strickland

Hello! I’m Laura Strickland. I live in the Midwest on the banks of the Mississippi River. I own and operate Orange Blossom Quilt Design Studio, LLC. I design quilt patterns with a Mid-century Modern / Pop Culture aesthetic. I enjoy competing in
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Olu Falola

Olu started her sewing journey in 2014 when she randomly set herself a challenge to not buy any more clothes for her 2 daughters for a year. Instead, she was going to make them all with her own two hands.

At the time, Olu had limited sewing
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Lindsay Conner

Lindsay Conner is an author and modern quilter who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her family. She has written several books with C&T Publishing, and specializes in writing modern sewing, bag, and quilt patterns for beginners and weekend
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Ann Strecko Koeman

Ann is a mixed media artist who lives and creates near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  She's also a mother of two terrific guys, the wife of a very busy businessman, and the servant to one fluffy cat.  From sewing and most needle crafts,  diamond art
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Quayln Stark

In his budding career as a garment and pattern designer, Quayln has established himself as a strong presence in the fiber arts scene, designing for many companies within the fiber arts field. Unique shaping and outlandish concepts help Quayln to
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Stephanie Woodson

Stephanie Woodson is a craft blogger sharing tutorials for sewing, upcycling, mending, & refashioning on her site Swoodson Says. She spends too much time thrifting and loves
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Marie Segares

Marie Segares is the Proprietress of Underground Crafter. Marie shares sewing patterns and tutorials, crochet and knitting patterns, recipes, and more creative inspiration on her blog. She also hosts virtual make-a-longs throughout the year. Marie's
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Jessie Agnew

Jessie Agnew is a mixed media artist, patternmaker, seamstress, costumer, and fashion designer. She runs I Am Sew Crazy, an instructional website geared towards giving visitors
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Alice Tang

Alice Tang is a designer of knitted and sewn clothing. She has designed for publications: I Like Knitting, Interweave Knits, Knit Simple and yarn companies like Knitpicks and RedHeart yarns. She also does freelance design work and make patterns for
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Ann Butler

Ann Butler is a licensed artist, social media influencer, instructor and consultant for the creative industries. Her designs appear in multi-authored books, magazines, booklets, manufacturer trade show booths and websites. She has been teaching
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Marissa Arrigoni

Marissa Arrigoni is a soon-to-be alumna of Coe College in Iowa and is majoring in English and Creative Writing. She likes to write everything from opinion pieces about the latest trend or movie to fabulist short stories. Some of her hobbies include
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Amanda Ogden

Amanda Jane Ogden is an artist, designer, and maker living near the sea in Ramsgate, Kent, UK. She studied Textiles & Surface Pattern as a mature student. She designs quilt patterns and fabrics for sale online and makes quilts to commission.
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Daniela Paz Gutierrez-Diaz

Daniela is the founder of DG patterns. Before launching her own pattern label, Daniela worked as an English teacher and firefighter.
She enjoys creating modern and casual clothes for women.

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Christy Jones

Christy Jones enjoys creating cute, colorful sewing projects that are fun to make and practical when finished. When she’s not busy homeschooling her two creative kids or walking in the woods with her husband, she can often be found reading or
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Mary Beth Temple

Mary Beth Temple is an author and designer of sewing, crochet, and knitting books and patterns. Her work appears frequently in a wide variety of magazines, and she also the owner and lead designer for the popular knit and crochet pattern line Read More 

Melanie Rudy

Trained in Marketing with a Fibre Arts & Design Major at Olds College in Alberta, Canada, Melanie Rudy has further studied at the University of Regina, SIAST, and the Calgary School of Art as well as attending many other art, knitting, and
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Don Morin

Don is a technical designer with 40+ years of fashion design and design training experience in garment production. With strong pattern drafting skills in all categories of womenswear, menswear, accessories, soft furnishings for the home, he is
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Megan Farrell

Megan is a quilting designer whose designs creatively play with color and pattern. When she was young, about 12, her mother wanted to teach her how to sew. She learned the basics of using a sewing machine and with her mom, planned out a quilt to
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Mary Campbell

Mary is a senior English major with a history minor at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL. She absolutely loves reading and writing, and most of the time you'll find her browsing new books or visiting local coffee shops. She has found it to be an
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Zoe Ballard

Zoe Ballard is a qualified teacher with over 17 years experience of teaching in UK schools. She has been stitching for most of her life and has a passion for teaching others this wonderful and mindful craft.

Check out Zoe's classes and patterns
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Ellen Miller

Ellen W. Miller loves to sew elegant clothing, from the simple to the ornate. She is an accomplished professional couture seamstress, having designed and made custom couture clothing. Ellen loves teaching sewing. She is fascinated by how students
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Jennifer Carson

Jennifer Carson lives in Michigan with her husband, four sons, and two furry girls. She grew up on a steady diet of Muppet movies and Renaissance faires, and would occasionally be caught reading under the blankets with a flashlight. Besides telling
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Pam Voth

Pam Voth has been quilting and sewing with a group of friends since she retired three years ago. Part of her desire to live her best life includes trying something new every day! Quilting is not only an expression of her creativity but an
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Sophie Tarrant

Sophie Tarrant is a freelance writer, craft project designer, and embroidery artist living with her husband and four cats in Nottingham, UK. She loves to create anything with fabric and thread, and her custom creations can be found in her online
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Gloria Uhler

Gloria Uhler is a career writer, designer, and crafter with numerous articles published in print and online. Now an author, her book “Hinged Clay Bracelets” can be found on
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Lauren Merciris

MAYA Patterns is a young brand of trendy PDF sewing patterns. Behind the brand is Lauren, a French, enthusiastic, creative and hyperactive woman, currently living in England and soon in Germany. Lauren has always been passionate about fashion and
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Rebecca George

Rebecca George is a craft and sewing writer as well as the owner of Chicago-based accessories line Purple and Lime. Originally a Cincinnati native, she studied Art History and Geology at the University of Michigan. From there, Rebecca earned another
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Meg Healy

Meg Healy had the urge to sew and create at a young age, which eventually led her to study Fashion Design in both London, Canada, and NYC. While interning for Vera Wang and Burda Style US during her studies, she was encouraged to accept a
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Janice Bailor

Janice Bailor is a quilt and textile artist based in central Pennsylvania. As a creative entrepreneur, she is the owner artisan behind her La Rue de
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Traci Anderson

Traci Anderson is a patternmaker and instructor with 30+ years of experience in the apparel industry, as a freelancer, and adjunct instructor. She has developed sewing patterns for all genders, sizes, and product types using various
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Bobbin and Fred | Shannan Grierson

Shannan combines folk art influences with repeat patterns and experimental color palettes to create cross stitch, needlepoint, and quilting patterns for makers of all abilities. When she's not tinkering with sewing supplies, she can usually be found
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Debbie von Grabler-Crozier

Debbie von Grabler-Crozier has always been creative. She grew up in Australia and was taught to paint and sew as a child. She painted and sewed her way through childhood and adolescence but when it came to choosing a career, she chose science first.
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Jo Bodley

Jo Bodley has always enjoyed art andi crafts, including collage, sculpture, sewing, knitting, crochet and upcycling. Her designs have been published in magazines and online. There are creative ideas, textile art and free crochet patterns on her Read More