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Be wise! Get your free sewing pattern to make a head-turning novelty owl purse.

Dear Super Sewist,

Do you know why we call owls wise? Credit Greek mythology. Athena, goddess of wisdom, was often shown with an owl nearby, and owls took on her attributes. Of course, owls’ wide, piercing eyes and solemn expression no doubt helped this majestic bird develop a wise reputation, but we like the goddess story. It makes us think of the head-turning Leather Owl Handbag sewing pattern, a goddess-worthy accessory if ever there was one.

We’re always looking for new purse patterns to sew, especially novelty patterns. Something eye-catching that makes an outfit. Above all, we seek out patterns for purses that are fun to sew. The Leather Owl Handbag fits that description perfectly. The jeweled eyes, the silver beads and chain strap, the white feathers, and that mythic owl expression—this purse is a rare bird that will set you apart from the crowd.

Plus, when it comes to purse patterns to sew, this one has advantages. First, it’s made with faux leather, easier to stitch and less expensive than the real thing. Second, you get to work with a lot of fun jewelry elements without needing jewelry tools and experience. Third, like all of our purse patterns to sew, this one comes with tips and tricks to make sure your Leather Owl Handbag comes out looking perfect. Finally, you can download this Leather Owl Handbag pattern for FREE.

Sewists love patterns for purses, and this Leather and Feather pattern is unique

The Leather Owl Handbag pattern in this free download is so fun to put together, with lots of neat tricks to make assembly easy. For example, the “heavy metal” pieces are nothing but hot fix elements you attach to the fabric with an iron. The hot-fix elements make capturing the owl’s expression easy. Just glue and apply—the metal will stay right where you put them. And fusible interfacing helps to position the feathers and keep them in place while you stitch.

For this free download, you’ll need faux leather, fleece for the lining, and plastic mesh, feathers, magnetic and toggle clasps, chain for the strap, Dazzle-Tac glue, and two beads for the owl eyes, plus the hot-fix nail heads, fusible interfacing, and basic sewing notions.

We give you everything else you need—the downloadable pattern with full directions, step-by-step photos, and a template for the face—to make it easy for you to create this feathered flight of fancy with our free download, the Leather Owl Handbag Pattern.

With your FREE copy of Leather Owl Handbag Pattern that you can download right now, you’ll learn all you need to know about sewing this distinctive accessory!

About the Free Leather Owl Handbag Pattern

Feather and Leather Purse

This purse sewing pattern features a flap closure secured with a magnetic closure. Inside, the purse is lined with fusible fleece to cushion your possessions and has two pockets. We’re showing the faux leather in dark brown with silver accents, but you can choose the colors and tones that make you shine. You might even look at pictures of owls for inspiration.

The purse measures 6″ x 6.5″, just big enough to carry your essentials, but not so large that it gets in the way of dancing, strolling through the city, or slowing you down anytime you’re on the fly.

Imagine how much you’ll love wearing—or gifting—this unique purse. The feathers make it feminine, the metal touches give it an edge, and the owl expression reflects how wise you are to make your own accessories. Once you’ve finished making the purse, take a selfie that channels your inner Athena!

Free Leather Owl Handbag pattern: Get the owl face template

BONUS: Don’t forget, this free download comes with a template for the owl face, so you’ll be sure to position it perfectly. Plus, you get full instructions with photos, making it easy for you to follow the steps to make this novelty purse. And, in case you can’t find the eye beads to match the ones in the photo, we give you tips for combining beads and rhinestones to create the look.

Swoop in now to grab your FREE copy of the Leather Owl Handbag Pattern. Be the envy of your Instagram followers as you show off your owl-themed purse when you claim your FREE download right now!


Caitlin Eaton
Executive Editor
We Like Sewing

P.S. – Your FREE download awaits you—join other sewing fans and ensure that you’ll enjoy your purse sewing time. Download the FREE Leather Owl Handbag pattern right now!


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