Fall Trend Forecast

If you love chunky sweaters, Halloween, cool weather, and hot coffee, there’s no doubt you’re excited for fall. And with fall, there’s always changes in what’s popular — in clothing, décor, and almost everything else. We’ve been searching high and low for hot 2021 trends, and we’re pleased to bring you our fall trend forecast!

Overall, the theme for this year is maximalism. You may know its opposite, minimalism, much better from its popularity in the 2010s, but you won’t be seeing much of that this year. Instead of bare white or gray with a few well-placed statement pieces, think bright colors and patterns, with plenty for the eye to look at.

Another big word this fall is natural. We’re talking natural products and fabrics, plants, and shades that mimic nature in all her beauty. Using real wood, real wool, and made by a real artist is going to beat synthetic and mass-produced this fall. Keep reading to find your new favorite trend!

Home Design

  • “Grandmillennial” and “Granny Chic”: Those are the terms being used to describe this new style, so anything that reminds you of your grandmother’s house is on trend. According to Insider.com, some of the best ways to incorporate this nostalgic look into your home are “floral wallpaper, antique paintings, delicate china, crocheted throws, and vintage touches with whimsical flair” (“7 Interior-Design Trends That Will Disappear This Year, and 8 You’ll See Everywhere”, Insider.com).
  • Antique French Inspiration: The fun and quirky blending of antique French design includes details like fancy moldings or scrolled woodwork, paired with modern touches like bold patterns, to bring a sprinkle of maximalism to interior design.
  • The Home Office: Since the pandemic, people have been realizing how helpful it is to have a separate space for working from home. With some employees not moving back to in-person work at all, don’t be surprised if your neighbors’ next big plan is to renovate their spare bedroom into a classy workspace.
  • Other Design Trends You’ll Be Seeing: Patterned stick-and-peel wallpaper, rattan/wicker furniture and décor, and mixed-texture rooms.


  • Pantone Knows Best: Pantone’s review of NYFW back in February predicts Fall 2021 looks that display a “versatile range of color,” “vivifying bright pops,” and a widespread embracing of personal expression. Check out their article (“New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2021/2022”, Pantone.com) for color swatches of the hottest new colors.
  • Clay: Marie Claire is calling it — the color you’ll be seeing everywhere is “clay,” a rich reddish brown. It’s still a neutral, so it goes with most other colors, but you’ll find it has a special warmth to it and pairs especially well with the bold colors of the season (“The 7 Fall 2021 Colors You’re About to See Everywhere”, MarieClaire.com).
  • Green: Whether it’s a sage green or a deep, saturated emerald, you’ll be seeing green! Spot this color on clothes, furniture, walls, drapes, and everything else this fall. Pale green and army green are predicted to do exceptionally well.
  • Metallic Silver: Space age metallics are back. Look for this color on clothing and accent décor especially.

If you’re not a big color person, don’t forget that one of Pantone’s Colors of the Year is Ultimate Gray. It’s paired with Illuminating, an in-your-face yellow. Look for ideas for incorporating this color in a way that’s true to you. (“Announcing the Pantone Color of the Year 2021”, Pantone.com)

Crafts and DIY

  • Upcycling Furniture: Dig up some unused furniture that you already own or turn to a thrift store to find a truly ugly dresser or chair that you can beautify. Popular upcycling projects include repainting or refinishing wooden furniture, adding more fashionable drawer pulls or handles, making a copycat of an expensive piece of furniture, or reupholstering a horrifically-patterned chair.
  • Embroidery: From store-bought kits to embellished clothing, embroidery is in! So pull out your embroidery thread and add a little color to boring napkins or pillowcases.
  • Bring Maximalism to Your Next Project: Whatever you like to work on, whether that’s quilting, sewing, or DIY-ing, you can easily incorporate Fall 2021’s trends by picking a project that says “maximalism” to you. Try an antique-inspired fabric pattern, a quilt made from Pantone’s colors, putting up some wallpaper, or changing the curtains in your front room.

Say “Bye-Bye” to These Trends

With the start of a new decade, some of the beloved design details of the 2010s will start to show up less and less. It’s time to ditch the rustic look in favor of bold patterns, eye-catching colors, and lots of texture!

  • Farmhouse Chic: Sadly, this super-popular aesthetic is a thing of the 2010s. You’ll likely stop seeing rustic baskets and copper accents in favor of more colorful and exuberant interiors.
  • Shiplap and Barn Doors: Since these often went hand-in-hand with the farmhouse look, these design choices are also on their way out.
  • All White Interiors: Although clean-cut white bedrooms and kitchens have been wow-ing us from the pages of magazines for what feels like forever, it’s no longer meant to be. With the maximalist look on the rise and minimalism heading out the door, you’ll see white being broken up by bold patterns or unique furniture.
  • Neutrals: Obviously neutrals never really go out of style, but you’ll see a much lower concentration of them in the coming months. A room without neutrals would be a mess, but for now you’ll see them as counterbalances to big color.
  • Carole N.

    I couldn’t agree more, re: all-white walls. I have a beautifully-planned 1800 sq ft MH and was so pleased to have the off-white, clean, look all over. Oak cabinets. A big change will be the kitchen cabinet finish from oak to pale, colonial blue.


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