Make a Quick & Easy Rag Puff Mini Quilt with our FREE mini quilt pattern you can download right now.

Snuggle up to this free mini quilt pattern for an oh-so cozy-quilt

Dear Creative Quilter,

Making a quilt is so much fun—choosing the colors, arranging the fabrics, listening to the steady whirr of the sewing machine as you stitch. But you know what’s even more fun than making a quilt? Finishing and enjoying it! That’s why we have a fondness for mini quilt patterns. A small quilt that fits on your lap, snuggles a child, or brings comfort to a friend or family member is a joy to make. And when we think about our favorite mini quilt patterns, the Quick & Easy Rag Puff Mini Quilt immediately comes to mind.

Why this particular mini quilt pattern? So. Many. Reasons. Let’s start with the fact that you can make it in a weekend. Need a last-minute gift? Looking for a mini quilt to make with your grandchild who’s learning to sew? Just want a fast, fun project to keep you busy? The Quick & Easy Rag Puff Mini Quilt fits the bill, and it’s so much fun to make because you create the puffs—top, batting, and backing—as you go!

Another reason why we love this pattern? It’s a real stash buster. You need just 2 yards total of flannel or 100% cotton fabrics in assorted color values, a mix of prints and solids. You can just pull from your fat quarter stash or scrap bag and start playing with combinations until you find a mix of fabrics you like. (Truth be told, mixing and matching fabrics is one of our favorite parts of the quilt-making process.) Alternatively, the Quick & Easy Rag Puff Quilt pattern gives you a reason to shop for new fabrics—and what quilter doesn’t look forward to that?

Finally, this Quick & Easy Rag Puff Mini Quilt pattern is FREE, and you can download it right now.

Quilters love mini quilt patterns, and this Quick & Easy Rag Puff Mini Quilt pattern is so quick and fun!

The Quick & Easy Rag Puff Mini Quilt pattern in this free download is so much fun to put together, with lots of neat tricks to make assembly easy. For example, the quilt-as-you-go element speeds up the assembly. After you pre-wash and cut your fabric squares, you pair up one 6” with one 7” square and stitch on three sides. By pleating the 7” square as you sew, you create a pocket for the puff. Stuff the square with Poly-fil® and stitch the fourth side of the square. Voila! One puff done. Keep making puffs until you’ve used all the sets of squares. This method allows you to happily stitch away without worrying about the design or square placement, because you do that after stitching the puffs.

For this free download, you’ll need flannel or 100% cotton fabric, Poly-fil®, thread, a sewing machine, scissors or a rotary cutter and mat and other basic sewing notions, plus access to a washer and dryer.

We give you everything else you need—the downloadable pattern with full directions and step-by-step photos—to make it easy for you to create this cozy mini quilt with our free download, the Quick & Easy Rag Puff Quilt.

With your FREE copy of the Quick & Easy Rag Puff Mini Quilt Pattern that you can download right now, you’ll learn all you need to know about creating this snuggly mini quilt!

About the Free Quick & Easy Rag Puff Mini Quilt Pattern

Quick & Easy Rag Puff Quilt

Quick & Easy Rag Puff Quilt

This mini quilt pattern couldn’t be easier to follow and allows plenty of design freedom. The finished size is approximately 45” x 50” and there will be leftover fabric, giving you the option to change the design if you prefer more of one color. Once you’ve created your puffs, arrange them as the pattern shows or in a way that’s pleasing to you. If you’ve chosen a variety of color values, the quilt will look best when you spread those values around. But it’s really your choice—trust your eye.

Once you’ve decided on the puff placement, it’s time to stitch the mini quilt together. You sew the puffs in rows and then sew the rows together. Then comes the magic moment: clip the raw edges, then place the mini quilt into the washing machine, wash, and dry. This fluffs up the rag seams, making the quilt extra cozy and snuggly and giving in an appearance you’ll long to reach out and touch.

Imagine how much you’ll love curling up with—or gifting—this mini quilt. You can choose your favorite colors, hues to go with a season, or get creative with your scraps. The Quick & Easy Rag Puff Mini Quilt pattern makes a wonderful charity quilt, so welcoming and easy to make. Once you get the technique for one puff square, you’re off to the races! It’s a pattern you’ll make again and again.

Free Quick & Easy Rag Puff Mini Quilt Pattern: Tips and Tricks

This free download comes with photos plus tips and tricks for getting great results. For example, we recommend pressing your fabric before cutting to ensure precise measurements and adding an extra layer of backing fabric to make your mini quilt even fluffier.

Don’t wait to grab your FREE copy of the Quick & Easy Rag Puff Mini Quilt pattern. Just think, you could snuggle up to a new mini quilt this weekend when you claim your FREE download right now!


Caitlin Eaton
Executive Editor
We Like Sewing

P.S. – Your FREE download awaits you–join other sewing fans and ensure that you’ll enjoy your mini quilt making time. Download the FREE Quick & Easy Rag Puff Mini Quilt pattern right now!

  • I have worn out 7 machines since I started just after elementary school. I was making Covid
    masks when my gave up the fight. I bought a enew machine but before I could open the box I got long Covid. So this looks like a great pattern to start easing my way back in. Thanks for the pattern!

    • Ashley J.

      Thanks so much for your comment, Renee! Hope you’re feeling better and enjoy this pattern 🙂 – Ashley, WeLikeSewing

    • Ashley J.

      Emailed 🙂 Please let us know if you have any questions. Have a great day! – Ashley, WeLikeSewing

  • Angela D.

    I want to start guilting to give to myself, create a good habit,and give to the homeless! Please send me the instructions on how to quilt.

    Angela Diagne,

  • Marie B.

    Please give me a free copy of quick rag quilt. I can’t wait to get started. Thank you

  • Hatton J.

    I do not have a computer/printer so how can I get these “freebies”? Can you mail the patterns to me?

    • Ashley J.

      Hi Julie! We are a digital magazine, so we aren’t able to mail patterns to you. We can however, email you a link to one of our freebies if you would like, so that you can open it on your phone. Let us know! – Ashley, WeLikeSewing


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