February 2022

What’s the theme of this month’s issue? Everything chic! Start by refining your skills with one of our favorite materials: velvet. Soft and luxurious, velvet is fun to touch and wear, but not the easiest to work with. Demystify the secrets behind this curious fabric with our latest sewing tutorial featuring tips and tricks for sewing with velvet. Get the best results every time!  READ MORE 
Caitlin Eaton


Sewing velvet can be intimidating, especially to new sewists! Designer Kimberly Payne is here to share her tips on how to sew velvet, so that you can design a gorgeous velvet garment without any sewing stress.  READ MORE 
Sewing Improved Health
With all the time you spend sewing and quilting, I bet you’ve wondered if there were other benefits to the activities besides the beautiful end results. Are there health benefits to spending so much time absorbed in a project? The answer to that question is a definite yes! I’ll guide you through two top benefits: mental and physical boosts to your health. I’ll cover how these benefits work together to make you feel happier and healthier as you’re working on your sewing and quilting projects. Plus, I’ll include some bonus benefits that’ll be sure to encourage you even more in your crafting endeavors!  READ MORE 

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