Sunglow Sports Bra Pattern

Design a sports bra that comfortably fits your body while looking fabulous with this pattern from Kimberly Payne. Perfect for spring pastels and summer brights, this sports bra pattern features a strappy back and longline fit in the front. This athleisure sewing pattern is ideal for 4-way stretch fabrics that include Spandex or Lycra, so that the sports bra can allow you to move easily while you work out, run errands or chill at home. Recommended for more advanced sewists, this spring clothing pattern is a great fit for your warm weather wardrobe.


  • Seam allowance is 3/8” unless otherwise noted.
  • Seams can be sewn with either a zig zag stitch or serger.


  • Fabric Requirements:
    • 1/2 yard Main (Note: 4 way stretch athletic or performance fabric that includes Lycra/Spandex is recommended for this pattern)
    • 3/8 yard Lining
  • Basic sewing notions
  • Serger (optional)
  • PDF PatternThis is located at the bottom of this page. See printing instructions below.

Finished Garment Measurements:



To download the PDF pattern, click on the download button at the bottom of the page. We recommend opening your download using Adobe Acrobat.


DESIGNER NOTE: To add removable cups to the bra, complete Steps 1 and 2; otherwise, skip ahead to Step 3.

  1. Cut an additional front in the lining fabric. Measure and mark 2” up from the bottom on each side and 2” in from the side seam along the bottom on each side. Connect the marks and cut the bottom corner off on each side. With the lining wrong side up and the bra cup lining right side up, place the bra cup lining on top of the lining. Sew the two pieces together down the center front with a zig zag or twin needle stitch.

  2. Baste the two layers together around the outside edge, making sure to leave the diagonal cut edges open. This piece will now be referred to as the lining.

  3. With right sides together, sew the front and back together along the side seams. Repeat with the lining piece.

  4. Turn the lining right sides out and place inside the main sports bra. With right sides together, match up the main and lining along the shoulder and side seams. Sew together along the front neckline and armhole, and along the back. Do not sew together along the shoulder seam.

  5. Cut a strip of fabric that is the full width of the fabric and 2” tall. Fold the fabric with right sides together lining up the long edges and sew together. Turn the fabric tube right sides out and center the seam along the back.

  6. Cut into two pieces 44” in length and two pieces 41” in length. Depending on the width of fabric used, a second strip might need to be cut and sewn. Take one 44” strap and insert between the main and lining up through the shoulder seam. Position it along the inside neckline edge with the seam towards the lining and extending beyond the shoulder seam by 1/2”. Insert the 41” strap and align next to the first strap. Sew the straps in place along the shoulder seam.

  7. Clip the corners and turn the entire bra right sides out. Turn the bra so the lining is on the outside. Position the bra on a flat surface with the front of the bra down. Bring the inside strap towards the outside notch marked on the back piece. Then bring the outside strap towards the inside strap and place at notch marked on back piece. Pin the straps in place at both notch marks.

  8. The opposite side straps will be woven through the pinned straps. Bring the inside strap under the opposite inside strap and over the opposite outside strap. Bring the outside strap over the opposite inside strap and under the opposite outside strap. Pin and baste the opposite side straps in place.

  9. Try on the bra and adjust the straps as needed to get a good fit. Secure the straps at the top notches with coordinating thread to the main fabric. With right sides together, sew the two band pieces along the short edges. Press the seam allowance open and fold the tube over on itself with the wrong sides together, making sure to match up the seams.

  10. With the bra right sides out, place the band over the bottom edge of the bra, lining up the raw edges. The seams from the band will line up with the side seams of the bra. Sew the band in place.

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