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Our Sewing Wishlist August 2023

Our Sewing Wishlist
Hey there, quilters and sewists! This month’s sewing wishlist is filled with all things whimsical. Square off your blocks with a beautiful iridescent quilting ruler or write out your daily to-do list with an adorable sewing notepad. This month’s reads are a great way to inject some playfulness into your sewing routine. Make a gorgeous ... Read More

Our Sewing Wishlist April 2023

Our Sewing Wishlist
Get a grip on your sewing and quilting (literally) with two awesome products featured in this month’s wishlist. Don’t miss a combined thimble and needle grip to help make your hand sewing easier. Use safety pins in your quilting? Then check out the pin covers from Quilters Delight that are designed with arthritic hands in ... Read More

Let’s Get Visual: Your Guide to Sewing Youtube

Our guide to the sewing side of Youtube will help you see the variety of communities that exist within one location and is geared towards sewists and quilters of all skill levels. From beginner quilting tips to fun historical sewing, we’ve included some of our favorite fiber art niches, along with excellent content creators who ... Read More

Our Sewing Wishlist August 2022

Our Sewing Wishlist
This month’s products are geared towards keeping your sewing and quilting projects looking pristine. First, if you love shopping secondhand for fabric, you don’t want to miss the cleaning solution that will help undo years of damage from your thrifty finds. Then, keep the seams of your sewing and quilting projects crisp and pressed with ... Read More

Our Sewing Wishlist June 2022

Our Sewing Wishlist
If you’re a sewist or quilter on the go, then you’ll love the products featured in this month’s sewing wishlist! Love traveling to quilt shows so that you can show off your handiwork? Keep your quilts looking pristine with these storage bags from Missouri Star Quilt Co.! Hate having a cluttered sewing room? The silicone ... Read More

Our Sewing Wishlist May 2022

Our Sewing Wishlist
If you’ve been super stressed lately, take a deep breath, grab a cup of your favorite coffee, and get ready to dive in to these products that will make your sewing life much easier! From a handy little bias tape maker to an easily adjustable quilting frame, these products are wonderful to have in your ... Read More

Our Sewing Wishlist April 2022

Our Sewing Wishlist
Attention all embroidery fans! This month we’re featuring two fab new products in our sewing wishlist that are geared towards all things embroidery. First up, a pair of scissors that are perfect for trimming thread in needle art and machine embroidery projects. Then, Katie Essam’s new collection on free motion embroidery is filled with stunning ... Read More