April 2022

Spring has finally arrived! Flowers are in bloom, days are brighter and warmer, and there’s a feeling of renewed energy in the air. That’s why our April 2022 issue is all about rejuvenating your creative spirit with fun and colorful sewing patterns!  READ MORE 
Caitlin Eaton


For decades, denim has been a must-have staple in closets around the world – from jackets to jeans and everything in-between, we love the look and feel of those reliable pieces. However, sometimes we want something a little more, and with just a few sewing essentials, you can turn those everyday items into bespoke tailored masterpieces. Upcycle your old favorites with our guide to embellishing denim garments with patches, embroidery, beading, and more.  READ MORE 
Everyone knows that needles are integral to sewing; it’s one of the tools that executes your vision, along with the fabric and thread. Using the wrong needle for the project you’re working on won’t bring about fatal catastrophe, but you may end up with broken needles, screwed-up stitches, or sadness. This is our guide through the names, details, and types of sewing you’d do with some of the most popular needles out there.  READ MORE 

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