December 2022

As temperatures drop below freezing, I’m all about staying comfortable and cozy inside as I wait for the arrival of Christmas. This month, our editors and designers wanted to focus on creating the embodiment of the perfect Christmas Eve, from adorable holiday décor to comfy loungewear to a simple quilt to snuggle under while you wait for Santa’s arrival.  READ MORE 
Caitlin Eaton


English Paper Piecing (or EPP as you will sometimes see it written) is a very old technique which is currently enjoying a big revival in the modern world of quilters and sewists. It is cheap to get started (which speaks to its humble origins) and because it is traditionally hand sewn, very satisfying in a slow-work, zen kind of way. Yes, you can get the same ‘look’ with a sewing machine but why would you? Hone your hand sewing skills and learn to do the most portable quilting in the world. I have done this on planes, which tend to be less forgiving about sewists lugging huge sewing machines into the cabin and asking for the nearest power point!  READ MORE 
“Fast fashion” is a term that’s been appearing everywhere in the pop culture lexicon as of late, but if you aren’t familiar with shopping vintage, thrifting culture, or the sustainable fashion movement, you may not be aware of just how prevalent and dangerous fast fashion is. That’s why we’ve created this handy breakdown explaining what fast fashion is, why sustainability in garment making and clothing production is vital to our planet’s future, and most importantly, how your sewing skills can aid in creating clothing that’s eco-friendly and made to last. Get ready for a deep dive because today we’re taking you into the depths of all things sustainability.  READ MORE 

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