About Ann Strecko Koeman

Ann Strecko Koeman

Ann is a mixed media artist who lives and creates near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  She's also a mother of two terrific guys, the wife of a very busy businessman, and the servant to one fluffy cat.  From sewing and most needle crafts,  diamond art painting, stamping, scrapbooking (and a lot of paper crafts!), to drawing, painting, and working with inks, Ann is multi-skilled and never bored. She enjoys making things and getting messy. She has some formal training, with a short stint in Dine Arts in college, many, many workshops, and a lot of self-learning.  She also has experience working as a consultant, teacher, and writer of various crafts. Her style is eclectic and vintage, inspired by nature, and her collections consist of found objects and ephemera.  She loves to scour the internet, magazines, and flea markets for ideas which she collects in her various notebooks and takes lots of pictures with her  iPhone.  Her favorite place to be is in her home studio with her beloved family nearby.  Her family motto is : Live well, laugh often, and love much.

You can follow Ann's projects on her site Annmakes and watch her tutorials on YouTube.

Articles by Ann Strecko Koeman