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Megan Farrell

Megan is a quilting designer whose designs creatively play with color and pattern. When she was young, about 12, her mother wanted to teach her how to sew. She learned the basics of using a sewing machine and with her mom, planned out a quilt to make by hand. To her mom’s disappointment, she realized she didn’t have the patience for it, and quickly moved past the project. Fast forward to about five years ago, when Megan decided she wanted to buy herself a sewing machine. She bought a $100 machine on Amazon as a Christmas present to herself. She and her mother talked about how she could get into quilting, and decided they would work together to make lap quilts to donate to a local low-income retirement home. In that first year, they made and donated 50 lap quilts. In that first year, she didn’t want to do any of the math involved, and her mom did all of the cutting. But as Megan started to really understand the process and get into designing her own patterns, she realized she liked doing the math and found the fabric cutting relaxing. Now she designs her own patterns and teaches classes at a local quilt shop. Quilt making and designing is more than a hobby; it's her therapy. It gives her an outlet to be creative and a way to disconnect from any stress or issues that come up in everyday life.

You can follow Megan's quilting adventures on Facebook here or follow her on Instagram at Remember Me Designs.

Articles by Megan Farrell

Split and Squared Flower Quilt Pattern

Split and Squared Flower Quilt Pattern

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