diy sewing gifts

Donut Worry Fabric Bowl Covers

Whip up a batch of super sweet bowl covers that look good enough to eat with this fun pattern from Christy Jones. Perfect for family cookouts or church potlucks, this pattern for fabric bowl covers comes in three sizes (8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch). Featuring a whimsical donut design, these bowl covers can also be made ... Read More

Dining In Adult Bib Pattern

Design an adult bib that’s pretty, practical, and easy-to-clean with this pattern from designer Lauren Merciris. Available in two collar designs, this adult bib pattern features simple fabric neckties, a long pocket along the bottom of the bib and can also be made collar-less if preferred. Choose a whimsical fall print to make this handy, ... Read More

No Prob-Llama Fabric Heating Pad

Keep cozy during the long winter months with this delightful heating pad from designer Sophie Tarrant. Made in an adorable llama design, the reusable heating pad is located in the llama’s belly, so simply pop it into the microwave once it starts to go cold. This winter sewing pattern combines a lot of practical and ... Read More