Rustic Upcycled Denim Rag Wreath

Weed out your wardrobe for old or torn jeans and transform them into a rustic chic wreath for fall. If you love the look of modern farmhouse décor, then you won’t be able to resist making this upcycled denim rag wreath. You don’t even have to thread your sewing machine for this one, as this project is made using a hand-sewing needle and embroidery hoop for the wreath form. Add in bleached or colorful denim scraps to create a vibrant and fun fall wreath.

Time: 3 hours


  • Denim fabric (jeans, etc.)
  • Embroidery hoop center ring (a 9” wide ring was used here)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Rotary fabric cutting tool and cutting mat (optional)
  • Small scissors
  • Hand-sewing needle
  • All-purpose thread (in blue or another color that matches the fabric)
  • Thimble
  • Pins (optional)


  1. Get the denim material ready. If you’re using a pair of jeans, cut off the seams, waistband, cuffs, etc. Trim the pieces of denim into large rectangles.

  2. Cut the denim fabric into long strips that are approximately 1” (inch) wide by 7-8” long. For this tutorial, about 54 total strips were used, but this number could vary depending on the thickness of the materials. It’s better to have a few extra than not enough pieces cut out. They can be either on the grain or against, and this step can be done with fabric scissors or a rotary cutter and cutting mat.

  3. Next, take your embroidery hoop and place it on your work surface. Prepare a hand-sewing needle with all-purpose thread that is doubled in thickness and knotted at the end.
  4. Start sewing by making 3 wide stitches (going over and under) on the right half of the back of a denim strip. Keep the needle and thread attached!

  5. Place the ring over the center of the (inside) of the strip of denim. The stitched side should be to the right of the ring.
  6. Taking the needle and thread over the ring, make three more wide (over and under) stitches. Now the strip will be connected together around the ring.

  7. Gently pull the thread to tighten and scrunch the denim strip, then go back and forth to secure the ends. This should be done in a random pattern to create unique shapes. Tack down any loose parts of the denim and go through the bunched fabric another time to secure it.

  8. Continue adding strips of the denim the same way (keeping the thread connected). Scrunch the pieces together so any gaps are filled in and the wreath is full.

  9. Now add an (optional) loop for displaying the wreath. Hand-sew the end of 2 of the strips together, then tie it at the top after looping it around the wreath.

  10. Check that all of the denim is tacked down, and make any quick stitches that are needed to secure the fabric.

Enjoy your new denim wreath!


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