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Let’s Get Visual: Your Guide to Sewing Youtube

Our guide to the sewing side of Youtube will help you see the variety of communities that exist within one location and is geared towards sewists and quilters of all skill levels. From beginner quilting tips to fun historical sewing, we’ve included some of our favorite fiber art niches, along with excellent content creators who ... Read More

Video Spotlight: Essential Quilting Tools

Jump into your first quilting project by learning what essential quilting tools you need with this video from Marie Segares. In this month’s video spotlight, Marie gives you a glimpse into her quilting toolbox, so that you can see what common quilting notions beginner quilters require. You’ll learn what cutting tools will help you get ... Read More

Video Spotlight: Essential Quilting Skills

This month, we’re shining the spotlight on one of our handy quilting videos from designer Marie Segares! If you’re new to quilting, you might be wondering what essential skills you need to master when creating your first block. In this video, Marie covers everything from the basic pressing tools you need combat wrinkles and creases ... Read More