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Quilting 101: Different Types of Quilt Batting

As quilting beginners, when you begin to buy your materials for your quilting projects, you’ll encounter a handful of different types of batting to choose from. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. We’ve got your back! Our helpful guide to the different types of quilt batting is a fantastic reference to keep on hand before your next ... Read More

9 Simple Steps for Hand-Tying a Quilt

Hand-tying a quilt is both a traditional and creative finishing technique that serves several purposes and appeals to quilters for various reasons. It is a versatile technique that appeals to a wide range of quilters, from beginners to experienced, allowing them to create beautiful, functional quilts. Hand-tying a quilt is a very straightforward and an accessible ... Read More

6 Thrifty Ways to Find Sewing and Quilting Books

Hello again, thrifty sewists and quilters! We know how much our readers enjoy our Thrifty Sewist’s Guide series, which is why we’re so excited to share our budget-friendly guide to finding and buying sewing and quilting books. If you love flipping through the glossy pages of a new pattern book but hate spending a fortune ... Read More

Pin Pals: How to Start a Quilt Guild

Pin Pals: How to Start a Quilt Guild
If you’ve been itching to share your love of quilting with others in your area, learn new techniques, and give back to your community, you may be the perfect candidate for starting a quilt guild. Quilt guilds are groups of community quilters that meet to discuss all things quilting. Different from quilting and sewing circles, ... Read More

Keepsake Care: How to Store a Quilt

There’s no denying that quilts are works of art, and like any other work of art, they require special care to keep them preserved for future generations to enjoy. So much work, detail, and skill go into creating a quilt, which is why we’re here to guide you on how to store your quilts and ... Read More

How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt Pillow

How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt Pillow
Upcycle your tired old t-shirts into a soft and cuddly t-shirt quilt or pillow! T-shirt quilts are great projects for beginner quilters, not only due to their use of recycled fabric but because of their simple square blocks and easy-to-follow instructions. Quilt designer Marie Segares is showing you how to make a t-shirt quilt with ... Read More

Video Spotlight: Essential Quilting Tools

Jump into your first quilting project by learning what essential quilting tools you need with this video from Marie Segares. In this month’s video spotlight, Marie gives you a glimpse into her quilting toolbox, so that you can see what common quilting notions beginner quilters require. You’ll learn what cutting tools will help you get ... Read More

Video Spotlight: Essential Quilting Skills

This month, we’re shining the spotlight on one of our handy quilting videos from designer Marie Segares! If you’re new to quilting, you might be wondering what essential skills you need to master when creating your first block. In this video, Marie covers everything from the basic pressing tools you need combat wrinkles and creases ... Read More