Our Best Sewing Tips and Tricks: From Beginner Basics to Intermediate Skills

Are you new to sewing but aren’t sure where to start? Are you an experienced sewist on the hunt for helpful sewing tips? No matter your skill level, our collection of our best sewing tips and tricks is right up your alley. If you’re just starting out, don’t miss our exclusive sewing and quilting videos from Mary Beth Temple and Marie Segares! They’ll show you sewing basics, like how to add buttons and how to cut your fabric for quilting. If you’re interested in working with specialty fabrics like leather and velvet, then you’ll love our in-depth breakdown of how to work with more difficult materials. Plus, our series on adding pockets and smocking are great stepping stones for sewing newbies to improve their skills. Let us help you take the stress out of sewing with this collection of our favorite tips and tricks!


Sewing Machine Needles 101
If you’re a beginner sewist, you might not realize just how many different sewing needles exist, let alone which type to use. That’s why Mary Beth Temple is here to save the day! This beginner sewing video covers the four most common types of sewing machine needles (universal, stretch or jersey, embroidery, and leather) and teaches you when to use them, so that you don’t have to worry about unwanted holes in your fabric. You’ll also learn when to change your needles, the difference in needle numbers, and the parts of the needle, so that you can tackle your next project with complete confidence.  READ MORE 
How to Sew a Button
Go back to sewing basics with this video on how to sew buttons. Mary Beth Temple covers everything you need to know about hand sewing buttons, so that you can replace a missing button with ease or add a new row of decorative buttons to a dress without any sewing stress. In this video, you’ll learn about the different types of buttons commonly used in sewing, such as a shank button, as well as methods for threading and sewing your buttons. Give your garments a professional finish with this handy video guide.  READ MORE 
Quilting 101 Essential Skills
Journey into all things quilting by learning the beginner basics.In this video guide, Marie Segaresis here to educate you onthe three essential quilting skills: pressing, cutting, and seaming (sewing) your fabric. You’ll learn how to properly press wrinkles out of your fabric, how to stitch your fabric together and press your seams, and so much more! Marie also discusses how to accurately measure and safely cut your fabric pieces, as well as what tools she uses for her quilting projects. Get ready to design some beautifully pieced blocks with our latest quilting video.  READ MORE 

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